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cmd-cr.jpgWhat Is A MINERALIZER Ionic Generator?
Lifeguard Purification Systems, LLC has adapted NASA technology to bring you the safest, healthiest, most cost effective way to purify your pool.

How Does The MINERALIZER Work?
Safe variable low voltage DC current is conducted into the ionization chamber and electrolysis takes place.  Positively charged ions of Copper and Silver are released; Copper is a natural toxin to algae and Silver to bacteria.  The water is purified naturally by minerals with none of the detrimental side effects of chlorine.  The water has a refreshingly clean and natural smell, soft to the touch, a glistening look, and a sweet, smooth mountain stream like taste.  If you enjoy swimming, you'll love the MINERALIZER!

What Is The Difference Between Chlorine Purification And Copper/Silver Ion Purification?
Chlorine oxidizes (burns up) organic compounds like algae, viruses, and bacteria.  Unfortunately, it also destroys the cells in your eyes, hair, skin, etc. in addition to causing other serious negative health effects.  Copper/Silver ions, on the other hand, are toxins which poison and kill organic contaminants while having no negative effects on the human body.  Cu/Ag ions are also pH neutral and non-corrosive.

Now there's a better, healthier way to purify your pool.

  The MINERALIZER Copper/Silver Ionization System!

onkl.gifWhat Are The Negatives Of Bathing In Chlorinated Water?
While bathing in chlorinated water, humans can absorb as much as 8 times more chlorine through the skin than by drinking it.  A by-product of chlorine, chloramines are organic contaminant compounds commonly found in chlorinated pools and spas.  Chloramines are a known carcinogen and chlorine itself has been attributed to arteriosclerosis, cancer, and kidney problems.  Chlorine has been hugely beneficial to mankind throughout history but today there are ways, like the MINERALIZER, to minimize or eliminate most chlorine exposure by the end user. A recent American Dental Association report even found that active swimmers developed brown stains on their teeth from chlorine compounds.

What Does Chlorine Do To My Hair?
When your hair is exposed to chlorinated water it is literally attacked by the chlorine. The chemical forms a bond with the protein in your hair and causes a lot of damage.

How Does Chemical Bonding Affect My Hair?
The bonding of chlorine with protein causes the protein in your hair to breakdown.  This makes it dry, coarse, and brittle.  Chlorine will penetrate the outer layers of your hair and cause discoloration of the pigment.  Chlorine bonding will also cause your hair to retain a harsh chemical odor.

Are Certain Types Of Hair More Susceptible To Chlorine Damage Than Other Hair Types?
All hair types are susceptible to chlorine damage; however, the thinner the hair shaft the greater the likelihood of visible chlorine damage.  Blondes frequently notice the damaging effects sooner due to their generally thin hair shaft.  Brunettes have built-in camouflage but the damage still occurs.  All colors of hair will lose their healthy look and shine.

How Does Chlorine Affect My Skin?
Chlorine chemically bonds with the protein in your skin just as it does with your hair.  Chlorine has a drying effect on the skin making it itchy and flaky.  Quite frequently you will find that your skin will retain an unpleasant odor.  "Chlorine dries out your body the way salt turns a piece of meat into beef jerky.  It sucks the liquid out of your skin cells, right through their not-quite watertight walls.  All chemicals seek a balance", explains Erin Boh, a biochemist and professor of dermatology at Tulane University Medical School.  "If you put chlorine on one side of a membrane and water on the other side, they'll try to equilibrate, to get an equal concentration on both sides", says Boh.  And practically no part of your body is safe.  Chlorine is just as willing to dry out your eyes, skin, and hair.  "If you dehydrate the outer layer of the skin enough, you will crack it like parched mud", says Rodney Basler, a dermatologist and head of the American Academy of Dermatology's task force on sports medicine; "You end up with small cracks in the skin."
-Health, July 1992

What's so good about ionized water?
The water is purified naturally by minerals with none of the nasty side effects of chlorine. The water has a refreshingly clean and natural smell, soft to the touch, and glistening look, plus a sweet smooth mountain stream like taste.

Is there a significant reduction in maintenance costs?
Since Copper/Silver ions do not oxidize (burn-up) sweat, body oils, suntan lotions, etc., a very low dosage of chlorine, bleach, bromine, or non-chlorine granular shock is needed occasionally.  Most residential pool owners can reduce their chemical costs by as much as 90%.  Electrical consumption is minimal, equivelant to a small night-light.  Additionally, because the MINERALIZER is pH neutral, the pool water will remain chemically balanced much longer.  This means that you will spend much less time and money fighting with the chemical balance of your pool and more time using it for what it was intended... Enjoyment and Relaxation!

Is it easy to install?
SIMPLE! Mount the controller on the wall, cut out a 2 1/2" section of PVC pipe and glue in place the ion chamber.  Next plug the UL rated transformer power supply into a GFCI protected 110VAC outlet wired to your pool pump timer.  That's all there is to it!

Is it easy to operate?
The MINERALIZER Copper/Silver Ion Purifier automatically comes on when your timer starts the pump.  An ion level dial on the controller is set to your pool size and personality.  Ionized water is not affected by heat or sunlight like chlorinated water so purification is continuously assured in both pools and spas, heated or unheated, indoors or out.

Is it harmful in any way?
The concentration of Copper and Silver ions released are lower than most types of bottled mineral water.  The EPA has established the maximum safe level of Copper in drinking water at 1.3ppm.  The recommended Copper level with the MINERALIZER purifier is 0.3 to 0.4ppm... Four times below the safe standard for drinking water.  So, in essence, your pool water is safe enough to drink.  Fish and aquatic animals could easily live in your pool like an aquarium.  That is how safe and pure your water can be.  Try that with Chlorine.

Why are you using caustic chlorine or expensive, problematic Baquacil when there are affordable alternative sanitizers for your pool and spa?

Why are you exposing yourself and your family to the potentially dangerous long term effects of poisonous chlorine and Bromine when there are very healthy alternatives for your pool and spa?
Why would you swim in water that dries your skin, sinuses, and hair; burns your eyes; bleaches your clothes and hair; has a strong chemical odor; and can cause serious health issues when there is a natural mineral alternative that is like swimming in pure, fresh lake water?

Why are you buying and handling large quantities of chlorine every year when a natural chlorine reducer will pay for itself in most pools in 1-2 years?

Why are you baby sitting your pool and testing it constantly when there is a natural mineral ion generator that automatically produces the sanitizer and requires much less monitoring and testing and is more forgiving?

Now there's a better, healthier way to purify your pool.

  The MINERALIZER Copper/Silver Ionization System!

Comments you might hear at your local pool supply store:

Non-electric Copper/Silver catalytic type cartridges work well with pools.
False.  Non-electric cartridge or catalytic type units can work well with spas where there is a constant re-circulation of water and the flow-through type purifier "sees" the water several times per hour, constantly purifying it.  However, in a swimming pool, the water may turn over only once per day and, therefore, when using a catalytic type unit, a residual of  chlorine is required to keep the water sanitized.  Pool store owners want you to come back to replace expensive cartridges and buy chlorine.  Electronic ionizers work much better in a pool since they leave a purifying residual of minerals in the water.

The MINERALIZER Copper/Silver ionizer may cause staining.
False.  While anything can potentially cause staining given improper conditions - chlorine, leaves, chemical imbalances, minerals, etc.; vinyl and new quartz/pebble finishes are extremely hard to stain.  Also, today there are very effective stain prevention and removal additives available that, if needed, will quickly and inexpensively prevent and/or remove most any type of surface stains.

Copper and/or Silver may be dangerous to humans.
False.  While it is true that large amounts of Copper or Silver can be dangerous to humans, the level recommended for purification of pool water is only 0.3ppm (parts per million).  The EPA has established the maximum safe level of Copper in drinking water at 1.3ppm.  Thus, the level of Copper in your pool will be more than 4X lower than what is safe to drink.  Fish can easily live in ionized water - try that with chlorine.

Bacquacil type products give good water quality.
True...  But at a very high cost.  Most users of non-chlorine type products could pay for a MINERALIZER in one season based on chemical savings alone.  Besides, what could be better than swimming in mineral water?

The electric Mineralizer requires that a residual of chlorine remain in the water.
False.  Only occasional low doses of chlorine are required to "polish" the water.  This low dosage will burn off very quickly not requiring a chlorine residual and not exposing yourself to a toxic chemical.

The Mineralizer still requires some chlorine.
True...  However, the MINERALIZER will reduce your chemical costs as much as 90%, which hurts the pool store's high-profit chemical sales.  Lifeguard has been in business since 1988 and has sold thousands of systems worldwide.  Why do you think you haven't heard of the MINERALIZER until now?

Chlorine is more forgiving than Copper/Silver ions.
False.  Chlorine is attacked by the sun and will quickly dissipate if not constantly refreshed.  Copper/Silver ions are not affected by heat or sunlight.  In addition, the MINERALIZER system is completely automated, maintaining the Copper/Silver minerals at the proper level, even if you are away for weeks at a time.  Anyone who has left their pool un-attended for several weeks and returned to find a green pond where their pool used to be will definately appreciate the maintenance-free automation of the MINERALIZER system.  In fact, one of the biggest things that our customers in the Northern latitudes rave about is that their pool water is still crystal clear when they re-open their pools in the Spring each year... with NO maintenance during the Winter months!

The Mineralizer requires more testing than chemical systems.
False.  Since ions are added automatically and dissipate slowly, the home owner simply needs to test pH and copper every 1-2 weeks.  A very low dosage of oxidizer (preferably bleach) should be added when the water has lost its crystal clarity, usually once per week in the summer and 3-4 weeks in cooler weather.

Chlorine will keep your water clear.
True...  But Copper/Silver ionized water will give you unmatched water clarity and fresh water quality!  And, chlorine alone is not very effective against algae growth, especially during the warm summer months.  Besides, wouldn't you really rather swim in natural minerals than chemicals?